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Restorations and Rebuilds

We usually have a project on the go along side the ongoing maintenance to keep our other bikes on the road. As well as sympathetic recommissioning, we have also restored basket cases to concours winning bikes.

Please note: This is for your interest only and we are unable to undertake this type of work for others. However, if you have any questions get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

1928 Norton CS1


Purchased in August 2017 this CS1 had been off the road since the mid 1980's. It was all there and was re-commissioned rather than restored to keep the patina of age.

1929 Harley Davidson Model J


This bike has belonged to my Grandad for over 30 years. Now in my possession it is very ‘tired’ and we are working our way through it.

IMG_4036 (1).jpeg
1934 Norton International


Bought on eBay in 2011, this 500cc Norton International was in a sorry state and missing a lot of bits. It took almost 2 years to source all the parts required and return it to the condition it is in today.

1951 Norton ES2

Bought in 2013 this ES2 was restored with touring in mind. A number of modifications have been carried out to make this a very useable bike and it has been ridden over 10k miles in the UK and Europe.

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