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About Kingpin Components

Hi. I’m Andy and I run Kingpin Components. I’ve had a keen interest in classic and vintage motorcycles since before I was old enough to ride them, with both Grandads and my Dad riding old bikes. I passed my test as soon as I was old enough and as well as a modern Suzuki, I got a 1951 Royal Enfield Model G when I was 17!

By the time I was 19 I’d blown the engines on both bikes (my mechanical sympathy has improved a little over the years). The Suzuki ended up on the scrap heap, but I rebuilt the Royal Enfield with the help of my Dad and I still own and ride that bike today. 

I studied Engineering at university where I learnt a great deal about the design process, CAD and manufacturing. I spent my holidays restoring a 1934 Norton International which I had bought on eBay with some money I inherited. This was my first full restoration and I was very definitely hooked. 

Me and CS1.JPG

After university I went to work full time for my Dad’s company The Magneto Guys. In my spare time I restored another Norton and as with the International I found many parts hard to find so had to make them from scratch. Alongside my work for The Magneto Guys I started making some of these hard to find parts in small batches and selling them on eBay to help fund my hobby. This is how it started and Kingpin Components has continued to grow until I now spend most of my working time on the business.

To begin with, if I could make something myself I would, only giving jobs to others when I didn’t have the equipment or know how (laser cutting being the obvious one). This was fine to begin with, but as Kingpin has grown and some products are being sold in larger quantities, I’ve gone looking for more sub-contractors to help with the manufacturing. Parts are always made to my drawings and I still inspect and assemble everything before it leaves the workshop. This change has freed up more of my time to continue working on new ideas and adding to the range. I now have a large website with a wide variety of products on it for several makes of bike. Although very busy with the retail operations I do still take on some special, made to order or one-off jobs. 

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