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These spindles have been CNC machined in the UK from EN16T. 


These will fit Lightweight Triumph forks from the 1930's.


The set consists of:

  • 2 off top spindle - 6.5" long x 7/16" diameter
  • 1 off bottom spindle - 7.75" x 7/16" diameter
  • 1 off bottom spindle - 8.25" long x 7/16" diameter

(Dimensions are approximate to help you order the correct set, please Contact Us if you are unsure) 


The list of models these fit include: 

  • 2H
  • 3S
  • 3SE
  • 3H
  • T70
  • T80

We also sell the nut sets and knurled washers. Take a look at our other items for these. 

Lightweight Triumph Girder Fork Spindles

SKU: GF0263-S
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