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A Kingpin Components Vernier Sprocket designed to fit AMC singles with a 17T magneto sprocket. 


The usual method of setting ignition timing is by removing the standard sprocket from the magneto taper and replacing it in a different position. This method makes it very difficult to make slight adjustments in timing and virtually impossible to return to a previous setting as you are essentially starting again every time. 


Using a Kingpin Components vernier sprocket for setting your ignition timing makes getting your timing spot on considerably easier and far less time consuming. The use of this vernier sprocket allows fine adjustment in increments of just 2.35° rotation of the crankshaft. The vernier sprocket has a major advantage when searching for that last ounce of performance. When experimenting to find optimum ignition timing, if testing shows that you have gone too far in one direction, it is always possible to quickly return to a previously known setting. 


Included with every kit is a comprehensive instruction sheet.

17T AMC Magneto Vernier Sprocket

SKU: VS0151-17
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