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Water jet cut from 8mm thick 6082-T6 aluminium, these engine plates will fit a Norton single engine and an AMC gearbox into any Featherbed frame.


They are not fully finished, allowing final drilling to be done to suit your requirements and are therefore ideal for anyone building a special. As a minimum you will need to drill the front frame fixing hole, this has been left undrilled to allow for slight variations in frames (including crash damage and repair!). By drilling this hole to suit each individual fitting there is no chance of the plates, engine cases or frame being put under any unnecessary stress.


Other holes you may wish to add include:

  • Stand spring fixing (many customers building specials don't fit a centre stand, so this would be an empty hole)
  • Gearbox adjuster fixing (the slot is there, but we've left out the hole behind it. These holes are sometimes found on one side only, sometimes on both so you can drill your plates to suit)


These have a very smooth satin finish which looks good as it is but you can easily polish the plates to a mirror finish if you so wish. 

Norton Single Alloy Engine Plates

SKU: NC0177
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