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This is the longer brake arm fitted to many Nortons with 8 inch front brakes. It measures 82.5mm from the centre of the cam to the centre of the pin. These may also be fitted to 7'' brakes to give more leverage. However please check you have clearance for cables before ordering.


These have the hole to go over the cam rotated by a few degrees to the centre line of the arm. This allows them to be turned over to give two options and get the best possible angle between the cable and the brake arm. You want to be  as close as possible to 90deg when the brake is on.


We also sell the shorter version for the 7'' brakes.


Laser cut in stainless steel to ensure the best possible fit on the cam, they can be fitted as supplied, or can be polished to give that mirror finish on a concours machine.


This sale is for the brake arm only – cam spindle is for illustration only and is not included

Norton Front Brake Arm - Long

SKU: WB0171-L
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