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These cut outs allow Lucas MO1 magnetos to be stopped by earthing the points. Normally only found on multi cylinder magnetos this method allows the magneto to be cut out and the engine stopped without the usual strain on valve gear encountered when using a valve lifter. Compatible with ignition keys, lanyards and oil taps, they also offer a range of security and safety benefits. 


To fit, simply remove your old points cap and unscrew the old clip, screw the new clip (included) into place and fit the new cut out cap. The wire can then be routed to wherever you choose to position your choice of new cut out switch (not supplied). 


IMPORTANT: Please make sure that there is sufficient room for the increased depth of this modification - on some machines the magneto points cap is very close to the inside edge of the primary chain case. The plastic cap is 22mm in diameter and the depth of the plastic cap and clip is 17mm. To keep the increased depth to a minimum, our new clips do not have the curled end as seen on the originals.


CLIP OPTIONS: These caps come with either a long or a short clip. This is the distance between the pillar and the dimple which locates in the centre of the cap. To work out which one you need take a look where your existing clip is mounted. If it is in the top left of the end cover you need a short clip; if it is in the top right you need a long one. If you are unsure please don't hesitate to Contact Us

Lucas MO1 Points Cap with Cutout in Metal

SKU: PC0150
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