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This casting measures approximately 4.45" high by 2.87" wide and can be used for a number of early EIC magneto types which originally used pot metal for this part.


We also sell the castings for EIC twin cylinder magnetos. 


PLEASE NOTE - Later EIC magnetos used end plates which look very similar to these castings but are in fact slightly different in size. One major difference which helps identify them is that the later versions include a through bolt between the two ends located under the curve of the magnet, just above the EIC lettering. Luckily, by the time these later magnetos were introduced, a much better aluminium alloy was being used so they do not suffer from the same problems as the earlier magnetos using pot metal. Please check the dimensions given above to check that you are ordering the correct replacements. If you have any queries about suitability for your magneto, please contact us.


PLEASE NOTE: What you are buying is a CASTING ONLY. They will need machining before fitting, this will involve turning operations as well as drilling and tapping holes.

EIC Drive End Plate for Single Cylinder Magneto

SKU: MC0203-1
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