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Competition type cam ring and bearing housing as used on BTH magnetos including the KC1, KC2, KD1, KD2 and KDV models. These would have been found on bikes such as the Norton International and Manx as well as the Velocette Viper, Venom and Thruxton.


We have both the bearing housing and the points cap available. Please select which parts you require from the drop-down menu.   


We also have the standard, non competition, standard type castings as fitted to Rudges available if that is what you are looking for.


Cast in LM25 aluminium and heat treated, these castings machine very easily.


PLEASE NOTE: What you are buying is a CASTING ONLY. They will need machining before fitting, this will involve turning operations as well as drilling and tapping holes.

BTH Competition Type Bearing Housing and Points Cap

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