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Kingpin Components are very pleased to be able to offer these Andre Steering dampers as fitted to a range of competition machines from the early 1930's right through into the 1950's. 


As can be seen in the last image above, there are a huge amount of individual parts in one of these dampers. Details of these are as follows:

  • Knob - Moulded in ABS these look the same as originals but are considerably stronger
  • Brass Body - CNC machined from a solid piece of brass
  • Fork clamp - Machined in house from stainless steel, identical to the original except it will never go rusty 
  • Tapered plug - As above, machined in house from stainless steel
  • Friction Plates - Made in our own workshop from Acetal
  • Steel plates - All laser cut in stainless steel and folded in house using specially made folding tools
  • Spring clip - Made exclusively for Kingpin Components in stainless steel
  • Star washer - Laser cut in stainless steel and formed in house
  • Knob fixing pillar and left hand screw - Made by us using stainless steel
  • Thackery washer, bolt and spring washer - The only 3 off the shelf items on the steering damper!


The diameter of the stub that clamps into the fork steering column varies on different bikes. We know about the following options:

  • Norton (0.862")
  • Motobecane (0.862")
  • Velocette (0.750")
  • Excelsior (0.750")


If you would like one of these please select it from the drop down menu. If yours is different please select other and then Contact Us to let us know what size you require as we can make them to order. 

Andre Steering Damper

SKU: AD0186
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